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Some people could be astounded on why S3@.Xx:’ is allowed at certain periods in the month of Ramadan. Although, fasting is abstinence from eating, drinking and S3@.Xx:’ual intercourse from dawn to sunset, but there are different times when the fast is over for a day that husbands and wives could have S3@.Xx:’ual intercourse.


A Muslim man and his wife. Both of them are allowed to have S3@.Xx:’ual intercourse at different times in the month of Ramadan excluding from dawn to sunset
The specific times are given below:

1. After Iftaar

Iftaar is the meal eaten when a fasting Muslim completes his fast for a day, specifically at sunset. Often, fruits are used to break the fast by Muslims. It is permitted for married individuals to enjoy themselves at this period.

2. After Taraweeh prayer

Taraweeh prayer is the prayer observed after Salaatul Isha’ (that is the last prayer of the Muslims’ five daily prayers). In most places in Nigeria, Taraweeh is said some minutes past 8 o’ clock at night.
When a man returns home from the Masjid (Mosque) after Taraweeh prayer, there is no problem if such a man calls his legally married partner for S3@.Xx:’.

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3. Normal bedtime

The normal bedtime is known as the time when couples have S3@.Xx:’ mostly. In Ramadan, S3@.Xx:’ is also allowed during this time.

4. Before Qiyaamu-l -Layl

Qiyaamu-l-Layl is the prayer which Muslims also call Tahajjud. It is observed often late at night like between 11pm and 4am. People who say this prayer do rise from their sleep. S3@.Xx:’ is permitted before the Tahajjud.

5. After Qiyaamu-l -Layl

As stated above about what Qiyaamu-l-Layl is, married couples after observing this prayer can enjoy S3@.Xx:’ as long as they will do the S3@.Xx:’ual intercourse before Fajr (a period which indicates that Muslims who want to fast cease from eating,drinking or any other acts that nullify fast) comes out.
Fajr is also the period in the early hours of the morning which indicate that Muslims should get ready to observe their Salaatu-l- Subh (that is the first prayer of the day out of the five daily prayers Muslim observe).


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