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Fellow ladies in the house, if you would be offended with anything of the things you would be reading here, please pardon us. We are only trying to call your attention to some of the things you do in the society in a bid to make you change your ways.
Really, being single could become lonely at times; you may feel completely left out when you do not have a man to call your own. Your friends may not be helping you with their constant change of display pictures and boo bae. And the Saturday ‘owanbes’ may distract you for a while and put you in a desperate situation.
Yes, we understand the pressure you may be going through when you do not have a boyfriend and everyone expects you to be in a serious relationship. Always remember that there is a time for everything and all these things that bother you would become a thing of the past in due season.
Many single ladies have put themselves in terrible situations as a result of their desperation when it comes to being in a relationship. For ladies like these, it is always all over them that they need a boyfriend; they cannot get it off their mind and most times, they end up falling into the wrong hands.


Find below some of the things ladies do that would make you know they are in dire needs of boyfriends:

1. Wearing clothes that are not comfortable

Okay, we get the part of ladies dressing to follow the fashion trend, we also understand that everyone wants to look good and classy at all times. However, wearing clothes that are too tight for comfort is not the best way to go at it.
Some single ladies love to wear clothes that would choke them and not allow them eat, mere looking at them, you can sense their discomfort in those outfits. To recognize the single ladies that are in need of boyfriends, they would always crave attention wherever they go.

The tight clothes would no doubt make heads turn but they also have to worry about eating in order not to make their stomach bulge out of their tight dresses.

2. Bleaching

Thankfully, the society is starting to accept the fact that black is beautiful. Most ladies in the society want to be like ‘oyinbo’, it is pathetic seeing these ladies denature their skin cells all because they want to be fair skinned. A man who would like you will do irrespective of your color.
The laughable thing is many of these girls do not buy the right cream so they end of bleaching one ear and leaving the other one. Although they may be hunting for boyfriends, the moment the men see the uneven patches on their skin, they already cast them.
3. Exposure of vital body parts

If you are not trying to gain some man’s attention why would you walk around the street half nak*d? Many single ladies love to expose their B@.0b$ and blame it on the style or cutting of the fabric they wear.
Why would you wear a cloth with low bust cutting? There are ladies who are sassy and highly respected in the society; they know the trend and do not bare their bodies in order to look more beautiful.

Another crazy thing to be noted is the way these ladies pull down their short dresses in a bid to cover their thighs. If there is nothing wrong with the outfit they need not pull it down.

4. They are party lovers

Now there is nothing wrong in being a party lover; however, most of these single ladies know they are most likely to run into men at places like that.

Ladies who are desperate and in dire need of boyfriends do not miss out on any of those much talked about parties and awards. They do whatever would make men notice them. When men notice this, they would end up flowing with the tide and playing on them.

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5. When they propose to crash at a man’s place

Now some single ladies are shameless; they have little or no integrity left when it comes to certain issues. Some of these desperate ladies in the society would blatantly tell men they want to sleep over at their places. Why would you be willing to sleep over in a man’s house when he is not your boyfriend or your family member?
The society should stop putting the blame on men when it comes to S3@.Xx:’ual misconduct; some women actually put themselves in compromising positions. Anything could happen overnight!

6. Using N.Ud$ pictures as DPs

Single ladies who are desperately looking for boyfriends believe in flaunting what they have; they are the ladies that would post N.Ud$ pictures of themselves on Instagram and Twitter. As expected, they have lots of followers on their social pages because men love cheap things.

When you put up unclad pictures of yourself, you do not expect responsible men to walk up to you and propose. The likes of the men you would attract are those who practice ‘hit and run’.

When these ladies finally hook up with some unlucky men when they want to settle down, they go on and delete those social media pages. Note that the internet is the last place you need to put your sh*t; it does not go even when you have cleaned up.

7. Tattoo and piercings

Nigeria cannot be compared to western countries; there are some things that the society has not accepted. Tattoo is one of these things. A woman who has every part of her body covered in tattoo is not considered responsible.

As a matter of fact, some men do not like it when their women have tattoos all over them. Piercing of some body parts do not appeal to most of the men we have here.

The single ladies in the society who are desperate do these and reduce their chances of winning the hearts of responsible and eligible men.


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