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Here Are 12 Major Reasons Nigerian Men Get Married, Most Of Them Are Guilty Of no 2



Many people have different reasons for getting married and it is not always because of love. Women have been so labelled in the society it is difficult for them not to be tagged with a scandal.


When people hear about a known ‘big girl’ getting married to some guy, they naturally spring up tales about the union and even create theories on what led to the marriage and all. Since women are always pinpointed every now and then, it would be interesting to look into the various reasons why Nigerian men get married.

We would also shock you by not adding love to the reasons we would be giving you. Without wasting much time, find below some of the things we were able to collate as to the reasons why Nigerian men get married:

1. Hunger

The first reason why Nigerian men marry apart from love is hunger. Most Nigerian men get tired of living as bachelors when they calculate the amount of money they spend on buying food.

This becomes worse for most of them when they do not live with their relatives and have to fend for themselves after a long day at work.
There is the popular saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

2. H@rn Y

Man In Bed

For some men, this is the ultimate reason why they marry. The agony of having to sleep every night with a S3@. Xx:’ual urge is burdensome for most. Many men masturbate every night to reduce the intensity of the S3@. Xx:’ual ache.

Being married gives most men the liberty to sleep with their wives as much as they like. It is not the same feeling as sleeping with an ‘Olosho’.

3. Pressure from relatives

Most men are pushed into marriage the same way ladies who have attained a marriageable age are being pushed. The family pressure mounted on most Nigerian men makes them get married.

In this part of the world, men marry very late as they believe they need to acquire wealth and save enough to care for the family they want to raise. Parents however, feel like they are running out of time and start to pressurize them into starting a family first and allowing things to take a natural course from there.

4. Frustration

The pressures from the family members and the ladies they are courting often make Nigerian men give up their position as bachelors. Their ageing parents would never make them rest until they get married.

Some mothers even go on to find them wives and insist the men get the women pregnant. Men often get tired of the harassment and get married at the long run.

5. When their girlfriends show up pregnant

Some Nigerian men could have remained single till date but for their girlfriends who got pregnant at that time. This is another reason why men get married; they feel they have no choice than to marry the ladies especially if abortion is not considered.

Most Nigerian men would have remained single so far they have a girlfriend who is not pushy and in a hurry to get married. This is most men’s comfort zone.

6. Empty house

Most Nigerian men get married when they have attained a certain level of success. Having a big house and the luxury of a car could make some men get bored of their relationship status and get married.

Most of them crave for their big houses to be filled with kids and for them to bustle with activities.

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7. House chores

Most men do not like doing house chores. It is enough for them to have to cook their own meal but cleaning up after is always an issue for most Nigerian men. They get married because they need someone to clean the house and do their laundry.

A maid would have been considered but it is really weird for a single unmarried man to be living in the house alone with a maid.

8. When those they are older than are getting married

It gets to a stage in a man’s life where he needs nobody to tell him what to do. When all the boys in the hood that calls him big brother start to marry when he is still single, then he becomes naturally bothered.

At a particular stage in one’s life, certain things are expected; not getting married at this stage could cost most Nigerian men their respect in the society.

9. When people start to think they are impotent or g*y

Most Nigerian men get married because they do not want to be tagged impotent. When a man remains unmarried and does not get any lady pregnant, people would start to think he is either g*y or impotent.

10. Fear of being deserted

In some cases, Nigerian men get married because they want to embark on a journey and their girlfriends do not want to become heartbroken. Some get married because they want to study abroad and do not want their years of courtship to be wasted while they are away.

11. They want to contest

To be elected into a position of authority at times, some people may need to be married. Nigerian men get married because they know they would be eligible for certain positions when they do so. People naturally call them responsible men because they are married.

12. The joy of wearing ‘anko’

Some Nigerian men get married because they want to have someone to share clothes with. If you are a Nigerian, then you would understand that it is lovely seeing couples wear the same cloth to a party. We are not talking about the type that wears ‘anko’ and puts the entire family on ‘okada’.

Do you think we missed out any other reason? Let us know in the comment section.

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