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I make Women Queens in Their Homes and Relationships- TOBI KUKOYI




1. What’s your name please?

Ans. My name is Tobi Kukoyi (née Sheyin)

2. Where are you from and where do you reside

Ans. I am from Ondo state, Mahin to be precise, in Ilaje local government area. I grew up in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state, married to an Ijebu man and marriage brought me to Lagos state, where I currently reside.

3. Are you married or Single?

Ans. I am married with two kids, my marriage will be 9years this June.

4. Can you tell us about your business and what it’s all about?

Ans. I am a Sex and Beauty Therapist, started my Beauty career in 2008 and its really been interesting, in the course of my career I have had more female clients than male, and we get to share personal experiences based on trust, most on sexuality and how it affects relationships, and my clients commend me of always giving the best advise.
Unlike many women, I never had issues with my sexuality until 2012 after I had my first child, I became really frigid and sex was a problem to me. I started doing researches on my issue and found out about some fruits and vegetables that I could mix to help my sexual problems, I started mixing and drinking, alas! I got my groove back, this was my first encounter to aphrodisiacs. I began making great recipes myself to help boost my libido.

5. In What year did you establish Your Business and what inspired you?

Ans. My previous experience with my first child, made the second easier, cos I knew exactly what to do. Early 2018, in my second pregnancy, I discovered that we have herbs locally made here in Nigeria, that can help with sexuality, I immediately started my findings and this led me to the north, I got introduced to ‘Kayanmata’, which means a woman’s thing in Hausa, fell in love with the ones I used and I couldn’t help but share with friends, they also used and gave great testimonies.

At this point sexuality was beginning to look like a passion for me, seeing the joy and satisfaction in the eyes of my friends, it will definitely be a good way for me to help others with sexual needs, giving my testimony and that of my friends, will make this easy to sell.

The first thing that came to my mind was to understudy the business so I can understand it properly. I researched on people who are already in the business, I was so glad to see women as bold as I am, doing great in the business. I finally decided to become a distributor to one of the best in the game, Tomiwa Akinola of Miwa Signature Palace, it was an awesome experience.
During this period, I also did an online course on Sex Therapy, so i can be well grounded.

After I had my baby, I started working on my brand, Mydsiac, a short form for ‘My Aphrodisiac’. The brand was fully launched in August 2018, and is geared toward using herbs and organic products to help both men and women achieve the best in sex and beauty.

6. How did you come about this product?

Ans. Like I explained earlier, My first exposure was online, which thought me about homemade aphrodisiacs, later I discovered our locally made aphrodisiacs called kayanmata. Basically, I get them from the north and mix with my homemade recipes. I recently started getting some items internationally, like Blue lotus from Egypt, Ginkgo and Ginseng from China, Maca roots from India, to mention a few.

7. How effective would you say your product is?

Ans. Mydsiac brand has grown quickly in less than 2years due to testimonies from the products and referrals.
I pay so much attention to unique and effective products plus good customer service, I never stop researching and we’re just getting started.

8. Are they any side Effects?

Ans. None that has been reported to me, like I mention earlier, I mix some of products myself, and ensure proper hygiene. The ones sourced from the north, go through heating process to kill any form of bacteria during transportation.

9. How many states in Nigeria do you cover?

Ans. I have distributors in every geo political zones in Nigeria, this has helped me cover almost all the states in the country. I also have 2 (two) distributors in Ghana, 1 (one) distributor in Kenya, 1 (one) distributor in North America and 1 (one) in the United Kingdom.

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11. What has been your customer response so far?

Ans. My clients response has been very impressive, the love and trust I receive from them is part of what keeps me in business and makes me thrive to do more.
I make sure to personally respond to my clients either through chat or calls, because to me this business is more personal, and people need to feel your presence before they can be comfortable sharing their personal life with you.
So I can delegate processing of orders and delivery, but I never joke with production and customer’s one on one sessions. It can be overwhelming at times, because I chat with averagely 50 people on a daily basis.

12. Where is your head office Located

Ans. The office is currently located at 42 Meshida street, Kofoworola estate, Mende Maryland Lagos, which will be officially launched in June 2020.

13. Where do you see yourself and your company in the next few years?

Ans. As a therapist, I believe that with many more people I meet and work with, I will grow tremendously in the next few years, the passion in this business for me, is to help people be confident in their own skin, to bring out your very best and majorly be happy. If this is done consistently, I tell you, in the next few years we will have a community of happy people, and Mydsiac will be a household name.

14. Has the corona Virus affected you in anyway?

Ans. O yes it has, the office was suppose to launch this Easter, we moved it to May, now it’s been moved to June, just to be safe. Although purchase is on, and delivery within Lagos, but we can’t deliver outside Lagos due to the lockdown. I guess now is not the time to focus on sales, but how we can help encourage people to stay safe and sound. Prayerfully waiting for this pandemic to end.

15. Do you intend taking your distributions world wide in time to come?

Ans. O yes, already we are in 5 countries, we want to spread to many more countries, the vision is to make the business a household name.

16. Do you have more male or female clients?

Ans. Presently, I have more female clients than male, I guess it’s because men aren’t so comfortable sharing their sexuality issues with a woman. We already opened an online platform on Instagram, managed by a man, lol, we named it ‘Mydsiac Man’, to focus on our men. This has actually encouraged more men to contact us.

17. What are you presently working on to boost and improve your products?

Ans. Like I mentioned earlier, I keep researching and improving, we have some items waiting to launch in May, they’re super amazing products. I can’t wait to start reading testimonies.

18. Can you be refer as the queen of kayamata?

Ans. I think queen is not the word, because I make Queens, i make women Queens in their homes and their relationships, and I make men dragons in bed. I am a mother of Queens and Dragons! You can call me Khaleesi.

19. Is your husband in full support of your business?

Ans. A capital YES, he is my backbone, my adviser, my brain, my support. I was very skeptical about sharing it with him initially, because I thought he won’t like it, but I took the bold step and told him about my new found passion, and yes he loves the idea. He’s been very supportive, he helps me with almost all my content, especially my YouTube videos. With his busy schedule, my husband never misses an opportunity to help out when necessary and he ensures I rest when I am over working. I love you plenty babe.

20. What do you have to tell your fans and customers out there?

Ans. Keep pushing, keep working on yourself and remember who you are always, A winner!



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