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Many women think that men are not smart and could be easily duped; they believe they could make some notes of cash drop by robbing their heads and belly. The society is changing at an alarming rate and the so-called ‘dulling men’ have woken up from their slumber.


It would shock you to discover that men are also on the lookout for innocent and unsuspecting women to milk money from. With the present economic situation, everyone is broke. It is only in the Nollywood movies that you would see men taking women out on shopping spree. In the real world, people are becoming more conservative when it comes to money.

Nowadays, the men we have in the society do not want to spend at all. It is always excuses upon excuses when it is time for them to open their wallets and pay for some bill and services. As a matter of fact, women are starting to foot the bills in relationships and marriages. They bear the major cost of things and feel responsible for other people that may be depending on them as well.

Many women may not notice this stingy behavior of the men at first as they may cover up this part of them by being sweet and charming. Let us not delve into things now; rather, check out some of the excuses you may hear from men when it comes to spending:

1. You know my financial status

Do not let a man fool you by telling you about his financial status when it is time to drop money. These details would not settle your bills or cater for your needs. If theagberoswe see daily can take care of their girlfriends at that level, then your boyfriend should be able to do more.

2. Baby, I’m broke

When your boyfriend is always broke round the clock, then you might have to review the things he does with his salary. It is a smart move pulled on most women.
It is simply not acceptable for your partner to be broke when he is not handling any major project or giving you a cut from his earning. Men who make this statement their watchword do not want to spend.

3. When they drop pitiable stories

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If your partner is the type that comes up with shocking and traumatic stories that touch the heart when you ask for money, then he does not want to spend his money for you. Your name is most likely to be missing from his list of priorities. If this is the relationship he has created between you and his money, then you need to move on.

4. When they suddenly become busy

Some men know that there is no way they can avoid not spending money when they are with certain women. The basic reaction you would get from men with this mentality is to switch on their busy schedule mode.

They would become inaccessible and would always give excuses when it comes to meeting in places like eateries or stores where you may want to buy some things.

5. When they put the blame on their banks

We would try as much as possible not to mention names of banks here. But some men actually claim to be using some old and redundant banks that are far behind when it comes to technological advancement.

Banks like these do not have online services and the men would always say they are too busy to go into the banking hall to send you money. When you hear excuses like that, you should probably know that these men are trying not to spend.

6. When they dress smartly

Most of the men we have in the society can sure dress to kill. They take their looks very serious and cannot afford not to slay every time they step out.

Women most times do not ever think that these guys could be broke guys who are hiding under the guise of good looks. They end up collecting money from ladies they date. Their loving attitude would make ladies fall for them.


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