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One of the world’s best goalkeepers David De Gea was yesterday linked to a sexual assault scandal. De Gea denied the reports calling them ‘lies’. If you missed the story. Read
Top Spanish paper El Confidencial has published the Whatsapp conversations between the protected witness (prostitute girl alleging De Gea forced her to have sex with teammates) and David de Gea, Manchester United and Spain keeper. Read the full English translation of the whatsapp chats between De Gea and the prostitute after the cut.
Witness: Holaa. Darling, How’s it going?
De Gea: Hello. Really well and you??
Witness: Great 🙂
De Gea: I’m delighted
Witness: I wanted to ask you something 🙂
De Gea: What
Witness: Do you remember when we went to the hotel when you were there with Muñiain and we went with torbe to the room?
Well it turns out I’ve got a date with a really nice guy and I’d like to know the name of the hotel.
Do you remember
De Gea: I wasn’t at that hotel. You’re confused, Muniain was with another guy, it wasn’t me
Witness: Ah no?
De Gea: Noo
Witness: Torbe told me That it was you
De Gea: As if!!!!!!
Witness: The guy was injured
De Gea: It was someone from Muniain’s team Not me. Haha
Witness: And who was the guy then?
De Gea: I don’t know
Witness: …
De Gea: But it wasn’t me hahahaha. I wasn’t there
Witness: Haha
He told me it was [you] Ha
De Gea: As if
Witness: I’ll ask Iker. Let’s see
De Gea: Yeah, no doubt he’ll know
Witness: I’ll ask him. He said it was you. Haha
De Gea: It wasn’t, it wasn’t mee. Absolutely certain
Witness: Ok ok
De Gea: 🙂
Witness: And the thing in Manchester. He mentioned it. Is it true
De Gea: Yes, it’s true
Witness: ^_^ You’re a naughty boy
De Gea: No I’m doing it for my team mates hahaha
Witness: What’s your team?
De Gea: Manchester… Noo
Witness: Ah, I’m lost In these things
De Gea: I see that
Witness: haha. And do any of your teammates fancy me? Apart from you obviously. Hahaha
De Gea: Yessss. But can you cope with them all??
Witness: How many are there?
De Gea: 5 with me
Witness: Of course ^_^
De Gea: I’m not sure eh!! Haha
Witness: Why
De Gea: I’m not sure… hahaha

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De Gea is set to start in goal for Spain’s Euro clash against Czech Republic on Monday.


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