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Doctors in the United States have saved the life of a baby born with his brain growing imoutside his head in a historic surgery.


Bentley Yoder was born with Encephalocele
This is the amazing story of Bentley Yoder was diagnosed with Encephalocele – a serious condition which causes gaps in the developing skull, letting the brain grown outside – while in the womb. His case was life threatening and approximately one to four babies per 100,000 in the US.
According to a Dailystar report, Doctors gave Bentley a grim prognosis and told his parents he wouldn’t live long past birth, if he even reached that far. They had advised Sierra and Dustin Yoder to abort their child, but they refused.
Sierra said:“It was a very dark time. There was no hope he would survive.”
Amazingly, Bentley lived through his birth and his brave mum and dad have never given up hope to one day find a cure for their son. Now, their perseverance has paid off.

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Their little boy who successfully went through reconstructive surgery in which doctors almost inserted all of Bentley’s brain back into his skull has given him a new chance in life.
The amazing operation was performed by Dr John Meara and Dr Mark Proctor at the Boston Children’s Hospital in the US.
Despite describing Bentley’s case as “severe”, the doctors were able to complete the surgery with the help of a 3D model of Bentley’s head.
It has been nearly a month since Bentley had his operation and the baby boy is now seven months old.

His mum and dad are thrilled with his progress and can’t believe how well their son is doing.
Sierra said:“If he smiled any bigger, it would probably cover his whole face.”
Adding that she would always be glad she went with her instincts and kept going with the pregnancy, she said:“As a mother, you have to trust your gut. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have my son right now.”
She also has nothing but praise for the doctors that had faith in her and Bentley, saying:“How do you say thank you to someone for saving your child’s life?”
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